About the Wordsmith

Lorene A. Holderfield (3)
Photo taken inside Loveland Public Library in Colorado.

Originally hailing from the city of Boulder, Coloradan writer and self-employed cleaner and editor Lorene Aurelia Holderfield is notable for her Fictional Romance stories, particularly her novel “Fruit of Forbidden Love”.

Lorene has released many works on two writing websites: fictionpress.com and fanfiction.net. Her Short Story “It Must be the Coffee” was published in a local, non-profit Fort Collins magazine called “Mindbringer Zine” and in a local, non-profit Texas magazine called “Mad Swirl”. Her novel “Fruit of Forbidden Love” earned the 2011 and 2012 NaNoWriMo awards.


“Excited Exhaustion”. Photo courtesy of Elvin L. Holderfield, taken at Glenwood Springs, CO. U.S.A.

Lorene’s dream in life is to make a living from writing and to become a successful Romance novelist like her #1 inspiration and role model: Jane Austen, writer of “Pride & Prejudice” and “Sense & Sensibility”.

Lorene’s writings can be found on her WordPress website: A Cornucopia of Literature.