Little Tidbits.

Good evening~ I have little writing-related tidbits to share with you, my beloved fans. I recently submitted my Short Story “It Must be the Coffee” to and to, which both are writing magazines. I am currently submitting this same Short Story in another relevant places.


Also, I have a sequel in the works, currently–a Short Story sequel to my main Historical Romance novel “Fruit of Forbidden Love”. This story will pertain to the perspective, feelings, and thoughts of Isabella Keller, the head maid of Middleton Inn where Marietta Lockhart (my lead female character in my novel) ends up working for and, shortly thereafter, tends to the notorious, hot-tempered Banastre Tarleton of the Green Dragoons (or British Legion).


A Writer’s Thoughts.

From time-to-time, I find evening hours awaken my mind and open my vulnerable heart to thoughts and feelings that, for the most part, are well-hidden. These thoughts and feelings begin to emerge as if they had been hibernating for half a year. I am most awake only at night. There is something hidden within that time frame that is inspirational, calming, and liberating. I enjoy relinquishing my soul to the spontaneity of writing when half the world is asleep. Evening is the only time where I can think clearly, feel profoundly, and let fly my caged soul and my curious, imaginative mind through written words.

“Words Unwritten” by Zpitts.

Tonight, I wonder of a writer’s life. I recollect conversations shared with many of my fans–conversations that pertain to a wide array of subjects such as inspiration, writing, finding one’s path… My words are not set in stone; my words are not the wisest in the world, no. But if my words can inspire fellow artists; if they can bring clarity to what is clouded; if I can propel someone to keep trudging forward in their dreams or passion for their art, despite the snares Life leaves behind, then I will have accomplished my heart’s unending wish to help others (in this case, to help fellow artists). I hope sharing my open thoughts helps in the discovery of inspiration or clarity in the realm of Arts that is, otherwise, murky and sometimes confusing and trying.

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